The greylisting feature of Spamdyke kicks in after whitelisting and blacklisting operations. If these operations don't specifically reject or accept the incoming email then it is chosen for greylisting. I suggest you scan it's features from the spamdyke homepage. It sounds like it is a GreyLite replacement since it uses the connection information to determine whether to greylist.

There has been multiple discussions on whether greylisting is a good or bad spam filter. In my case, I turned it off because sometimes registration confirmations aren't resent at all, are sent too late so they get caught in the greylist again, or they finally come through after they've expired. I had to be proactive in these cases and whitelist that domain before I register. For the small percentage of spam rejections over my other spamdyke filter settings, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle of false positive delays.


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I have been using GreyLite for many years but it hasn't been supported for quite a while - I think it is time to update to SpamDyke . . but I have some questions - first one:

I looked at the SpamDyke web site and it is still not clear to me - it says '"connection-time" means spamdyke evaluates and rejects spam while the remote server is still delivering it' - does this mean it does it at the TCP / mail envelope level? ie so it would be the same as GreyLite? GL blocks and forces possibly bad mails to be resent some time later which many spammers don't attempt . .



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