I use port 22 for non-auth mail and 587 for TLS with auth mail. On 587 I ended up using postfix because I could never get spamdyke working. It always failed valid authorizations.

I was putting together a new server and I decided to take another look. The problem ended up in the checkpassword-pam module on Illumos (Solaris). Illumos (and possibly other Unix derivatives) require that pam has PAM_TTY set before starting a session. The checkpassword-pam module doesn't do this. I posted a bug report but my solution was to add the following code just before opening the pam session (in pam-support.c).

retval = pam_set_item(pamh, PAM_TTY, "/dev/null");
if (retval != PAM_SUCCESS) {
    fatal("Setting PAM_TTY failed: %s", pam_strerror(pamh, retval));
    return 1;

I just thought I'd send this information along in case anyone else was having issues with spamdyke authorization.


How's the "next gen" version coming?  Will it support IPv6?


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