Here are some stats after a couple of months of happy Spamdyke usage - thanks! If I had remembered to set the logrotate number higher I would have had more data but I think the last 31 days is sufficient to illustrate some things:

Total spamdyke lines in maillog files for the last 31 days: 54838 Total spamdyke ALLOWED lines in maillog files for the last 31 days: 12278 (22.4%)

Total spam / phishing messages that were delivered:      165  100%
Valid To email address:                                  105   64%
No To email address:                                      19   12%
Undisclosed Recipients:                                   15    9%
Mailer Daemon bounces:                                    13    8%
Invalid To email address:                                 12    7%
Valid To email address but NO Subject and NO From:         1    1%

I could stop the 64% "Valid To email address" spams if I had a "NotInFromWhiteList" facility - at the expense of annoying people sometimes with failed messages and them receiving a "If you are a real mailer . ." note - like my previous Qmail + GreyLite + Ruby script (that was called via qmail-qfilter) setup.

Except for "Mailer Daemon bounces" ands "Valid To email address but NO SUBJECT and NO FROM", I don't even know how the other mails actually get delivered at all . .

I notice the processing that spamdyke does is slower for me to send mail compared to my previous setup - but I guess it is doing more work too . .

Is there any way for me to call a modified version of my old Ruby script from spamdyke as the last bit of processing before allowing an email through?

Thanks again!

Philip Rhoades

PO Box 896
Cowra  NSW  2794
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