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Dear all,

I’m stuck with a qmail installation that doesn’t support TLS, so I’m
trying to get Spamdyke to deal with it on incoming connections.

Unfortunately I’ve not managed to get it to work – I get the following
error in the maillog when testing:


unable to start SSL/TLS connection: A protocol or library failure
occurred, error:1408A0BB:lib(20):func(138):reason(187)


My spamdyke.conf contains the following:





I’ve tried with and without the tls-cipher-list line commented out
(which I’m not sure is in any way correct anyway – I was just trying to
disable SSLv2 and SSLv3) and similarly with and without the dhparams
line commented out.

For me works fine with:


and in /var/ssl/wildcard.pem there is a chain like this:


I’m using the following to test:

openssl s_client -connect localhost:25 --starttls smtp

Try with "-starttls"

Let me know.
Alessio Cecchi
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