Very impressive numbers, thanks for sharing those!  Out of curiosity, of the 
messages that were delivered, how did you judge if they were spam?

It sounds like the problem is that spamdyke-qrv is accepting messages to 
invalid addresses?  You can try running spamdyke-qrv manually with the "-v" 
flag (possibly twice) to see why it's deciding to allow the recipient.  
Something like this:
        spamdyke-qrv -v jackspratt

-- Sam Clippinger

On May 4, 2016, at 4:39 AM, Philip Rhoades via spamdyke-users 
<> wrote:

> People,
> Last year I reported some stats after I had been using SD for about a month 
> and now I have a second set - unfortunately I forgot to increase the number 
> of backlogs for logrotate and I lost a few months of data to compare 
> delivered spam to but the latest stats are from 100 days of data:
> There were some changes to the conf file between sets of data but I didn't 
> keep notes about changes and dates etc however it seems that the proportion 
> of ALLOWED lines went down a little which suggests more spam was stopped - 
> but conversely, the proportion of delivered spams compared to SD lines went 
> up a little - which I don't quite understand . .
> Now I want to try and stop the delivered spams that have invalid email 
> addresses - I have compiled and installed spamdyke-qrv OK and set 
> "reject-recipient" to "invalid" but these spams are still getting through and 
> then being bounced and since the return address is bogus I get a postmaster 
> message that the bounce has failed eg for the address:
> - suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Phil.
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