That should do it, assuming you also have a line in your main configuration 
file that says:
However, from the rDNS name, it looks like that sender could come from a huge 
list of IPs.  You might consider turning off the filter for the domain instead, 
like this:

And it's always possible you found a bug.  If you still can't make it work with 
the _sender_ folder, let me know and I'll do some testing too.

For what it's worth -- doesn't just have no MX records, 
it has no DNS records at all.  I don't see any way that return address could 

-- Sam Clippinger

On May 5, 2017, at 3:24 AM, Quinn Comendant via spamdyke-users 
<> wrote:

> I've gotten this error:
> 2017-05-05 03:16:52.533029500 spamdyke[30324]: DENIED_SENDER_NO_MX from: 
> bounces+1818979-7ef3-quinn=strangecode[.] to: 
> quinn[@]strangecode[.]com origin_ip: origin_rdns: 
> auth: (unknown) encryption: TLS 
> reason: (empty)
> Indeed, "" has no MX records.
> I have tried to apply a custom setting for this sender's IP address by adding 
> a config file at:
>       /var/qmail/spamdyke/_ip_/167/89/72/110
> Containing:
>       reject-sender=none
> Then restarting qmail smtp with `qmailctl restart`.
> I've used this method successfully in the past for `reject-empty-rdns=0` and 
> `reject-unresolvable-rdns=0`. However, it's not working for the 
> DENIED_SENDER_NO_MX error. The sending error continues to occur.
> Have I set this up wrong?
> Regards,
> Quinn
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