I use spamdyke's graylisting feature for all incoming mail. I still generally find it helpful. (Thanks!)

I have a set of addresses that are purpose-specific and unpublicized, and I'd like to skip graylisting for messages addressed to these recipients.

[Spammers, please stop reading here ;-)]

The recipient addresses I'd like to whitelist match the glob "schmonz-web-*@schmonz.com". Most of them don't have their own .qmail instructions, so I can't generate a list of addresses from .qmail files. They mostly all deliver via a matching .qmail-default (specifically, .qmail-com-schmonz-web-default).

I _do_ want to continue graylisting everything else @schmonz.com.

Do I need to scan my email archive, build up a list of every schmonz-web-foo recipient I want to whitelist, put them all in a recipient-whitelist-file, and keep that file up-to-date as I invent new addresses? Or is there a more elegant way to do what I want?


- Amitai
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