Hi Sam,

Thanks for the thorough reply. 

On 25 Jun 2020 14:50:55, Sam Clippinger via spamdyke-users wrote:
> If tls_read() encountered an error in the 
> OpenSSL library and didn't actually read any data, spamdyke's main 
> loop would see data waiting and call tls_read() again.  That could 
> cause an infinite loop.

I'll upgrade spamdyke, and hope the fix was done.

> There are a few things you could try.  As Bucky Carr pointed out, the 
> softlimit program causes all kinds of problems and leads to very 
> strange errors and crashes.

What are your thought on the RCE in qmail that I mentioned my other email?  
I'll try raising the memory limit a bit.

> You could also try upgrading OpenSSL.

That's the latest version provide by the distro, which has an EOL Nov 30 of 
this year. Rebuilding the server on a new distro is on my todo list.

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