Title: Re: [spamdyke-users] Spam rejection statistics ?
Hello, Philip.

I use /var/log/maillog file to get these numbers.
This is the file which has lines "ALLOWED or DENIED" in it.
Maybe  in  your  setup  it will be a different file, but it is the one containing lines like

Sep 11 06:07:02 mail0 spamdyke[13064]: DENIED_RDNS_MISSING from: vupywyjusu@ to: u...@mydomain.tld origin_ip: origin_rdns: (unknown) auth: (unknown)  encryption: (none) reason: (empty)
Sep 11 09:00:36 mail0 spamdyke[17404]: ALLOWED from: m...@remote.tld to: u...@mydomain.tld origin_ip: origin_rdns: xxx.remote.tld auth: (unknown) encryption: (none) reason: 250_ok_1662876036_qp_17438

you can easily get numbers of allowed and rejected emails like this:
grep ALLOWED /var/log/maillog |wc -l
grep DENIED /var/log/maillog |wc -l


> People,

> I have been using SD since 2009 but have only been keeping decent
> records of spam that makes it through to my server since 2015:

> 2015    1,003
> 2016    3,734
> 2017    7,999
> 2018    3,566
> 2019    2,921
> 2020    7,463
> 2021    10,209
> 2022    7,997   so far

> As you can see I have become lazy about keeping the config files up to
> date in the last few years and more spam has been getting through.

> I have some issues with spam that _shouldn't_ be getting through which I
> will ask about later but my question now is:

>    Is there a way of logging the emails that are getting rejected?

> I expect that the stuff that is getting through to my qmail setup is an
> order of magnitude or so less than what is being rejected but it would
> be good to have some hard stats on it . .

> Thanks,

> Phil.

Best regards,
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