Adding to the confusion is that FB frequently refers to their React.js license 
as "BSD+Patents" (plural), although that nomenclature appears somewhat recent 
(and, I think, post-dates the submission of the "BSD+Patent" -- singular -- 
license to OSI in early 2016).

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> From: Richard Fontana []
> BSD+Patent is not the React license. React uses the 3-clause BSD
> license along with a patent license grant with some termination 
> language in a separate file:
> (which has been 
> controversial, in part because the scope of the termination is broader 
> than what's seen in post-early-2000s open source licenses).
> BSD+Patent is based on 2-clause BSD along with a patent license grant
> that is influenced by language in the Apache License 2.0 and EPL 1.0, 
> and it has no termination language.

Ah!  Thanks so much for the clarification.

In that case, what *is* the SPDX license id or expression for the license used 
by many widely-used Facebook projects, including React.js?  If there isn't one, 
we need one ASAP.  It's widely-used *AND* subject to a lot of controversy, so a 
lot of people (including me!) want to know what to look for...!

--- David A. Wheeler

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