HI Guido,

This scenario is already covered via the SPDX specification - 

See sections 3.15 for the Package Declared License and 3.13 for the package 
Concluded License. For file level information, see section 4.6 for License 
Information in File and section 4.5 for file Concluded License. All of which 
include an option to use “NONE” to indicate, "the SPDX file creator concludes 
there is no license available for this package/file”

While this is in the context of an SPDX document, I see no reason why it can’t 
also be used in other places as per the same meaning.  No point in re-inventing 
the wheel, as we did think of these things!

Hope that helps,


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> On Feb 27, 2018, at 2:43 AM, Guido Smeets <guido.sme...@empirion.nl> wrote:
> The only way (to my knowledge) to indicate that a piece of software is not 
> licensed is to use the term "UNLICENSED" in the license.
> This is problematic because the unlicense exists, which does exactly the 
> opposite.
> Perhaps it's an idea to add "ALLRIGHTSRESERVED" as an alias to "UNLICENSED"?
> It's quite annoying that every private NPM package I create I get nagged by 
> my system that I need to add a license, and that using "UNLICENSED" has a big 
> chance of creating confusion.
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