Bradley M. Kuhn:
> I therefore suggest two changes to the SPDX License List:
>  * Change existing Full Names to:
>       "Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International"
>       for the 4.0 version and,
>       "Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike <VERSION> Unported"
>       for the older ones.
>    It seems that would be an uncontroversial change -- it just involves
>    adding "International" and "Unported" into the Full Name field.  Does
>    anyone have an argument why that *shouldn't* be done?

I agree.

>  * It *would* surely be controversial to add *every* version of *every*
>     jurisdiction-specific CC license in the SPDX license list.  Instead of
>     suggesting that, for the moment I suggest that "-Unported" should be
>     added to identifier for the pre-4.0 ones (i.e., "CC-BY-SA-3.0" becomes
>     "CC-BY-SA-3.0-Unported") so that no is confused by this situation.

I disagree, for several reasons.
* Version numbers are normally at the end.
* In practice, I think in almost all cases what is intended is the 
*unported*/*international* version, since these materials normally go out 
around the world.  SPDX license names are long enough; the "short" version 
should be the "normal" version.
* This creates yet-another transition problem, and in this case I think an 
unnecessary one.  Many people already use CC-BY-SA-3.0 to mean the unported 
one, so let's just clarify that.

I actually do *NOT* think it'd be very controversial to add all the 
jurisdiction-specific CC licenses that are actually used:
* There's an easy stopping requirement: You have to show that something was 
actually *distributed* under that license.  Almost all of the possible license 
+ countries combinations have never been used.
* There are SPDX license identifiers for licenses used by relatively few 
* You could create a convention, e.g., <CC NAME>-PORTED-< ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 
country code>-<VERSION_NUMBER>.  The SPDX license identifier list could even 
standardize that as a convention, instead of listing them all out.  A few lines 
of text... and you're done.  E.g., the US ported version would be 
"CC-BY-SA-PORTED-US-3.0".  I add the "-PORTED-" because "SA" means "Saudi 
Arabia"; without some special keyword it wouldn't be obvious what "CC-BY-SA" 
meant.  I suggest the 2-character code, that's what most people use.  We could 
use the "2-character codes as assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers 
Authority".  The alpha-2 code for the UK is "GB", but "UK" is used in domain 
names & it might be clearer to use that.

--- David A. Wheeler

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