Greetings legal team,


Tomorrow (Friday) I plan to update the main SPDX website with the 3.1
version of the license list which can be viewed at


Please let me know if you know of any issues with the preview website that
could potentially hold up the release.


There are three pull requests for the tool that generates the website
currently outstanding:

1.      Add JSON-LD files to the website
( - This should not
have any impact on the website look and feel.  It enables a more efficient
machine-readable version of our license list to be available online.  The
next release of the SPDX tools is dependent on this change.
2.      Update the copyright in the footer to be consistent with the rest of
the SPDX website ( 
3.      Update the text for the deprecated licenses to indicate the license
ID's are what is being deprecated


If no one objects, I plan on incorporating #1 and #2 in the next release.  I
would like to hold off on number to give us more time for review.


If anyone objects to the inclusions or exclusions please let me know.






Gary O'Neall

Principal Consultant

Source Auditor Inc.

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