KT> On Fri, 2006-10-06 at 16:34 -0700, Drummond Reed wrote:
>> Let me play the dumb customer here and say:
>> * A whole lot of real-world users would love OpenID-enabled bookmarks.
>> * A whole lot of websites would love to offer them.
>> * A whole lot of IdPs would love to provide them.

KT> Okay Customer, if both websites and IdPs would love it, is it okay if
KT> it's something that websites + IdPs can layer on top of the core?  If
KT> some sites chose not to, and the IdP said "login bookmark not available
KT> for this site", would that be okay?

Technically - the only thing we need is a mechanism for the IdP to
find the RPs OpenID "bookmark entrance" - a hidden field in the
original login <FORM> should be sufficient: IdP can then save this URL
in the users profile for them.


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