On 12-Oct-06, at 11:47 PM, Drummond Reed wrote:

>> Marius wrote:
>> I was suggesting that portability can be resolved between the user  
>> and
>> the IdP. I cannot see how the protocol can help this by passing two
>> identifiers. And if only the portable identifier is passed then  
>> there is
>> no need to mention the IdP-specific identifier.
> Marius, see the analysis at
> http://www.lifewiki.net/openid/ConsolidatedDelegationProposal, now  
> updated
> to include Josh's lastest thinking from
> http://openid.net/pipermail/specs/2006-October/000357.html.
> In sum, not being able to send the IdP-specific identifier: a)  
> forces the
> IdP to redo resolution, which is unnecessary and slows performance,  
> and

Not necessarily. When you register with the IdP most likely you will  
claim all your portable identifiers with this IdP, so the IdP knows  
about them.

> b)
> prevents the protocol from being stateless.

How? The RP deals only with the portable identifier and this is the  
only thing the IdP sends back. Why do you need state?


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