>> I kinda get "homesite", but I don't understand the thinking behind
>> "membersite": What is this site supposed to be a "member" of?
> It was a member of the network of sites running the protocol.

"Membersite" sounds too much like you have to join some club to participate.
I feel the same way about "homesite".  I'm all for finding more
consumer-friendly terminology for this but I've yet to hear anything that
rings true.

In the case of http you have "web server" which is served up by a "web site"
... Instead of "http provider" and "http destination" ... Maybe we need to
make this even simpler than we are?  Could it be as simple (and I'm not
really suggesting these) as "login server" and "login site"?

What does the wider community think?  How do LiveJournal users refer to this
concept today?

- Scott

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