On 14-Oct-06, at 8:45 PM, Scott Kveton wrote:

>>> I kinda get "homesite", but I don't understand the thinking behind
>>> "membersite": What is this site supposed to be a "member" of?
>> It was a member of the network of sites running the protocol.
> "Membersite" sounds too much like you have to join some club to  
> participate.
> I feel the same way about "homesite".  I'm all for finding more
> consumer-friendly terminology for this but I've yet to hear  
> anything that
> rings true.

Just to clarify, I was providing where "Membersite" came from, not  
promoting we use the term.

> In the case of http you have "web server" which is served up by a  
> "web site"
> ... Instead of "http provider" and "http destination" ... Maybe we  
> need to
> make this even simpler than we are?  Could it be as simple (and I'm  
> not
> really suggesting these) as "login server" and "login site"?
> What does the wider community think?  How do LiveJournal users  
> refer to this
> concept today?

fwiw; I think RP is fine for the spec.

I don't think we actually need to have a specific name when talking  
to users. it is a site that supports OpenID.

-- Dick

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