On 10/17/06, Dick Hardt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think we should be open (pun intended) to making changes.
> I really like the OpenID Provider -> shortens to OP, and is very
> specific on what it does.
> I have always found IdP to be a misnomer, and have mentioned it in
> the past.
> Now we have a great candidate, that provides more clarity, and it
> should be a simple search and replace, and does not affect any code.

While I am resistant to changing the specification without a
compelling reason and strong consensus, I am open to coming up with a
better term for this. The term IdP is already different from the
OpenID 1 terminology (OpenID server), and no official specification
has used it. If people agree on a better term, I won't resist.

+0 on OpenID Provider (that is, better than IdP, but not better enough
for me to defend if anyone objects)

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