> At this point I think I have to be contented with the knowledge that OpenId
> will be forced to change, or it will fail, this is ESPECIALLY true because
> of the sudden surge in popularity.

Absolutely ... I didn't put "won't ever" in any of those bullet points.
OpenID is always going to change, evolve and mature.  It has to.  It has
already in the last 18 months and will continue to do so.  If it doesn't,
that's when we really have to worry about failure.

- Scott

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>>> Why is there such reluctance?
>> I think there are a several reasons why:
>> * Not everybody knows how to install/manage an SSL certificate
>> * Not every web hosting company allows multiple IP's for sites
>> * It wouldn't have been easy to get the adoption we're seeing
>> with a MUST
>> * Majority of transactions are low-value today
>> Could we have gotten where we are today with the growth that
>> we've seen _with_ a MUST?  I don't think so.
>> The providers who are really serious about security and
>> identity will have SSL.
>> - Scott
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