I wasn't at IIW, so please bear with me.

In reference to the wiki at
http://openid.net/wiki/index.php/IIW2007a/Identifier_Recycling, can somebody
clarify what some of the terminology means?  Specific questions are below.

1.) For URL+Fragment, what is the distinction between "private" and

2.) Ditto For URL+Token (I assume this means a public vs. private token?)

3.) What does "DE" mean in the "Does not require change to DE"?

4.) In the "Stolen OP account" header, it appears that all 4 of the proposed
methods have problems.  However do we really want an identifier to be
recycled if an account is stolen ( i.e., what if an account is only stolen
for a brief period, but then recovered?)

4.) What is "Active Recycling"?

5.) In the "New DB Field" header, doesn't an OP/RP need a new DB field in
the fragment scheme, in order to distinguish between the id and the current
fragment?  Or does the OP/RP simply store the whole URL (fragment included)
and parse as necessary?

6a.) What is "MO" in "MO Strip Fragment"?

6b.) What does the "MO Strip Fragment" header mean in general?


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