>Dick Hardt wrote:
>Just to clarify, I do *not* propose we add support for multiple  
>identifiers in OpenID 2.0 -- but hope that this discussion sheds  
>light that there are other ways of solving the problem besides having  
>a permanent directory of identifiers aka the i-names/i-numbers  

After discussion at IIW, and subsequently on this list last week, the OASIS
XRI TC held a special telecon on Monday to discuss extending XRDS Canonical
ID verification to URLs as well as XRIs. This approach addresses Dick's
issue by enabling verification of any mapping of reassignable to canonical
identifiers (URL-to-URL, URL-to-XRI, XRI-to-URL, XRI-to-XRI). In short, it
would give OpenID users the same choice over their canonical identifier that
they currently have over their claimed identifier.

With the Yadis specification now included in section 4 of XRI Resolution
Working Draft 11 (see
http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xri/XriCd02/XrdsDiscoveryFromHttpUris for a copy
of the text of this section -- thanks to David, Johnny, and Rowan for
feedback on the first draft), extending Canonical ID verification to cover
any combination of URLs and XRIs is quite straightforward.

The formal proposal is now fully written up on the XRI TC wiki. The first
link below is to the full page; the second takes you directly to the example



Feedback actively solicited -- further discussion is planned on the XRI TC
telecon at 10AM Pacific tomorrow morning. If anyone would like to join that
call, just send me email for an invitation.


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