This seems like a great idea to me. A no-brainer in fact -- no  
downside that I can see, and it opens up vast future possibilities.

Fen Labalme wrote:
> Hi - I've got a proposal that I'm not sure has been aired before.
> I'd like to see the hardwired "" be removed or, at the least,
> "softened" so that we could use xri's of the form
> or perhaps
>     $(
> that resolve using a local resolver rather than Neustar.
> Basically, resolving either an (OpenID-looking) URL starting with  
> "xri." (the,
> er, "bottom" level domain in a URL) or an iname starting with
> "$(...anything...)/" considers the URL or the "...anything..." to  
> be a XRI
> resolver.  (Note: the '$(...)' construct has been proposed for XRI  
> resolution
> 3.0 but hasn't been voted on yet.  But code is law. ;-)
> This would enable local resolvers which would, of course, need some  
> sort of
> name translation should they wish to enter the global community.
> I see local resolution as critical not just because it enables free  
> (local)
> i-names (which is crucially important to the growth of the XRI  
> community), but
> also for a deeper, reputation-based reason, which I will attempt to  
> describe.
> Reputation is key to any identity system.  Simple case in point:  
> the addition
> of 90 million AOL OpenID users does nothing to make the OpenID "global
> community" safer or more worthy in any way.  Trust depends upon  
> reputation,
> which is most easily created over time and through experience/ 
> participation in
> a closed community.  Once you move out of that community, you're a  
> newbie and
> you have to start from ground zero again.
> Besides single sign-on and simple attribute exchange, the ability  
> to carry
> over some "reputation capital" to a new community is desirable.   
> Exactly what
> the "exchange rate" is will be set by the admins of the respective
> communities.  For example, the "reputation" carried between dissimilar
> communities (e.g. and may be something like
> "years-as-a-member and karma (or positive group participation)".   
> Similar
> communities may carry over much more information ("network wizard"  
> or "golf pro").
> When two communities wish to create a peering relationship, they  
> will need
> mechanisms to manage reputation transfer.  At the same time, they can
> optionally determine name translation shortcuts, perhaps "@golf/ 
> =iname" (which
> could be an easier-to-type synonym for either " 
> =iname" or
> "$(").
> But all this starts with local resolution.  What do you think?
> =fen
> PS: There's some urgency around this in that if there is quick  
> agreement, we
> may be able to get it into Drupal 6 core which freezes June 30th,  
> and Drupal
> is a key framework for building local community sites.

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