On 9-Aug-07, at 11:28 AM, Johnny Bufu wrote:
> On 21-Jul-07, at 4:55 PM, Recordon, David wrote:
>> 5.2
>> 2) I'm fine with time coming back instead of number of seconds.
> I wanted to bring openid4java up to the latest PAPE spec, and it
> seems the above was not checked in yet. Do you still have it on your
> todo list, or would it help if I sent you a proposed patch for it?

Did you have a chance to have a look at this? Not sure if you're  
having second thoughts about it, or just slipped through your busy  

Would be great if this change went in the PAPE spec sometime soon, so  
that it can be included in the next release of openid4java.


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