Having missed the summit - can anyone tell if there was any dissent or
scaremongering going on?  The idea of assisting everyone who's
collecting information about me, to share it easily, seems like an
exceptionally "Bad Idea" (tm).

If anyone's building anything that assists these companies to "give
up" or relinquish their collection of my data, in favor of letting me
hold the one single master copy if it myself, on my chosen IdP, and to
let me arbitrate who can use it, when, and how - now *that* would be
something to congratulate people about.

Search google/google-news for "paper shredder" ...

Kind Regards,
Chris Drake,

Saturday, September 8, 2007, 5:33:20 PM, you wrote:

DR> Mark,

DR> I just wanted to say that based on what I learned about them at the Data
DR> Sharing Summit (http://datasharingsummit.com) today, and what I read on my
DR> first pass tonight, these are fine pieces of work that really push the ball
DR> forward.

DR> Hats off to you.

DR> =Drummond 

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>> I'm reformatting the table of identity schema metadata, located at
>> http://idschemas.idcommons.net/moin.cgi/MetaData, into a
>> pair of more compact and usable specifications. One spec describes
>> where the existing well-known metadata (e.g., Dublin Core) should be
>> used when describing identity schemas and their schema elements (i.e.,
>> attribute types and claim types).  The other spec will describe how
>> to represent identity schema metadata for which there is no
>> pre-existing well-known specification.  I've attached a copy of
>> the first draft of the "Identity Schema Element Metadata: Using
>> Existing Specifications".
>> Mark Wahl
>> Informed Control Inc.

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