I see both sides of this.  At the end of the day the RP is ultimately  
making the decision as to if the user can proceed or not.  Just as in  
SREG if the RP says email is required and the user/OP choose not to  
provide it, the RP still has to decide what to do.

I do agree that it is easier on a RP to not have to understand any  
relationships between policies.  In this case of the three defined  
policies I see that as less important, but the argument that it  
becomes increasingly likely that the RP may not understand a given  
policy created by an OP is quite legit.  Also as you argue, the OP  
knows what actually happened so can best place that within the policies.

I'm alright changing the recommendation to the OP at least including  
the specific policies requested by the RP and shifting some of that  
burden back to the OP.  That also is in line with general OpenID  
philosophy of making the OP do the heavy lifting.

Barry, I was talking to you about this yesterday, you alright with  
this as well?

In any-case, lets get Draft 2 out in the next 2-3 hours.


On Oct 23, 2007, at 10:05 AM, Johnny Bufu wrote:

> +       [...] For example it is recommended that if the OP
> +        specified the Multi-Factor Physical Authentication policy  
> and the RP
> +        requested the Multi-Factor Authentication policy, that the  
> RP's
> +        requirements were met.
> This puts undue requirements on the RP implementations. As a design  
> principle, I believe the goals were to make required effort and  
> adoption and as easy as possible for RPs, and have more happening  
> on the OP where possible. I would at least complement, if not  
> replace, this patch with:
> "For example, if the RP requested Multi-Factor and the OP supports  
> Multi-Factor Physical, it is recommended that the OP includes both  
> policies in the response."
> As I argued on the osis list, the OP is in the best position to  
> make judgments about the qualities of its authentication  
> mechanisms, and it should respond to the point to the RP's  
> requests. What if the RP knows what Multi-Factor means, but has no  
> idea (and no interest) in Multi-Factor-Physical?
> Johnny

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