On 10/04/2008, Vinay Gupta <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think that kind of misses the point. The *namespace* that google manages
> is now open for business as an OpenID provider. It's an unanticipated
> side-effect of the APIs.
> I think it's kind of a big deal, actually, in terms of how OpenID is right
> from an engineering perspective and how it can spread in unexpected ways. If
> only login were so easy.

This service seems pretty much equivalent to Simon Willison's
idproxy.net service for Yahoo accounts.

The big difference between this sort of service and actial OpenID
Provider support from Google/Yahoo is a matter of trust.

With an OP run by Google, the user needs to trust Google.  With this
OP, the user needs to trust whoever is running the OP not to
impersonate them.  Given the lack of contact information, I'd be
hesitant to use identities managed by that service and would not
recommend others rely on it.

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