I am happy to oblige, but I am wondering why you have chosen to single our Waldvogel in this way and not the other two curators, Edlingerl and Stange, who were presumable equally involved in the decision to borrow from people's text in the way that you describe in your statement/letter about the "Just Do It" publication (apart from the fact that Waldvogel has a particularly high profile curatorial position as one of the co-curators for the forthcoming Art School version of Manifesta).

you are absolutely right in pointing to the fact that it was indeed Thomas Edlinger, Raimar Stange and Florian Waldvogel who were involved in, and who are responsible for the (in)famous Lentos publication (as I am mentioning in my open letter which is online). Btw, Stella Rollig as a director of the Lentos Museum is responsible as well.

I am "singling out" Waldvogel because 1) he is the only of the three curators who's possibly known outside of a (or even in the) German speaking context (as Spectre), and 2) because his name is the only of the three that keeps re-appearing on mailing lists like Nettime and Spectre. Furthermore, I am "singling out" Waldvogel because 3) indeed, he is one of the three curators of the upcoming Manifesta in Cyprus (and, through that, has quite an international exposure). And 4), I am "singling out" poor old Florian Waldvogel because it is much more FUN.

And seriously, I am interested in finding out whether he was selected to become one of the curators of Manifesta IN SPITE of this behaviour (this incident being only one in a series) or whether he became a Manifesta curator BECAUSE of that.

Does the international art world crave for fake leftists surfing on 'protest' aesthetics? It seems so.

Can we trust Manifesta 6 if we cannot trust Florian Waldvogel?

Btw, if anybody wants to put a link on their website, put it as
<a href="";>Florian Waldvogel</a>


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