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The 2nd edition of PLUNC - New Media and Digital Art Festival takes place 
between 29 September and 2 October 2016. Four days of a festival that presents 
to the broadest possible audience, projects and works that merge and intersect 
art and technology through exhibitions, workshops, talks and performances. In 
2015 we had the focus on Zach Lieberman. Now, for the second edition, we chose 
as artists in focus Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, pioneering artists 
of interactive art, which will be at the festival to a small retrospective of 
their work ("Portrait on the Fly", "The Value of Art", "Eau de Jardin" and 
"Phototropy") and a master class. Their works will be in dialogue with projects 
from other guest artists and works resulting from an international open call, 
so we can witness its contamination, questioning and thus making room for 
reflection. Christa and Laurent installations denote a global concern to work 
on the interface between man and machine, producing works that ask for a 
participatory audience, which fits perfectly with the identity of PLUNC.

With various activities spread across spaces on both sides of the river, we 
intend to create flows and routes between the two shores of Tagus river, 
encouraging people to cross the river from one side to the other during the 
4-day festival. We ask for the active participation of the viewer, whether 
discovering the festival and the riverine area, whether through their 
participation in the various activities and interaction with the artworks on 

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Carlos Ramos

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