Call to join the cybernetic edition of CompArte  “Against Capital and its 
Walls, All the Arts”

July, 2017

Compañeroas, compañeras and compañeros of the Sixth:

Artist and non-artist sisters and brothers [hermanoas, hermanas and hermanos] 
of Mexico and the world:

Avatars, screennames, webmasters, bloggers, moderators, gamers, hackers, 
pirates, buccaneers and streaming castaways, anti-social network users, reality 
show antipodes, or whatever-you-call each person on the network, the web, the 
internet, cyberspace, virtual reality, or whatever-it’s-called:

 We are convoking you because there are some questions that are nagging at us:

 Is another internet, that is to say another network, possible? Can one 
struggle there? Or is that space without precise geography already occupied, 
captured, coopted, tied, annulled, etceterized? Could there be resistance and 
rebellion there? Can one make Art on the net? What is that Art like? Can it 
rebel? Can Art on the net resist the tyranny of codes, passwords, spam as the 
default search engine, the MMORPGs [massively multiplayer online role-playing 
games] of the news on social networks where ignorance and stupidity win by 
millions of likes? Does Art on, by, and for the net trivialize and banalize the 
struggle, or does it potentiate it and scale it up, or it is “totally 
unrelated, my friend, it’s art, not a militant cell”? Can Art on the net claw 
at the walls of Capital and damage it with a crack, or deepen and persist in 
those that already exist? Can Art on, by, and for the net resist not only the 
logic of Capital, but also the logic of “distinguished” Art, “real art”? Is the 
virtual also virtual in its creations? Is the bit the raw material of its 
creation? Is it created by an individual? Where is the arrogant tribunal that, 
on the Net, dictates what is and what is not Art? Does Capital consider Art on, 
by, and for the net to be cyberterrorism, cyberdelincuency? Is the Net a space 
of domination, domestication, hegemony and homogeneity? Or is it a space in 
dispute, in struggle? Can we speak of a digital materialism?

 The reality, both real and virtual, is that we know next to nothing about that 
universe. But we believe that in the ungraspable geography of the net there is 
also creation, art. And, of course, resistance and rebellion.

 You who create art there, do you see the storm? Do you suffer from it? Do you 
resist? Do you rebel?

 To try to find some answers, we invite you all to participate… (we were going 
to put “from any and all geographies”, but we think that the net is the place 
where geography matters least).

 Well, we invite you all to construct your answers, to construct or deconstruct 
them, with art created on, by, and for the net. Some categories in which you 
can participate (surely there are more, and surely you are already pointing out 
that the list is short, but, as you know, “what’s missing is yet to come”) are:

 Animation; Apps; Files and databases; Bio-art and art-science; Cyberfeminism; 
Interactive film; Collective knowledge, Culture jamming; Cyber-art; Documentary 
web; Experimental economies and finances; DIY electronics, machines, robots and 
drones; Collective writing; Geolocation; Graphics and design, creative hacking, 
digital graffiti, hacktivism and borderhacking; 3D printing; Interactivity; 
Electronic literature and hypertext; Live cinema, VJ [video-jaying], expanded 
cinema; Machinima; Memes; Narrative media;; Net Audio; Mediated 
performance, dance, and theater; Psycho-geographies; Alternate reality; 
Augmented reality; Virtual reality; Collaborative networks and translocalities 
(community design, translocal practices); Remix culture; Software art; 
Streaming; Tactical media; Telematics and telepresence; Urbanism and 
online/offline communities; Videogames; Visualization; Blogs, Flogs 
[Photoblogs] and Vlogs [Videoblogs]; Webcomics; Web series, internet soap 
operas, and that which you’ve already noted is missing from the list.

 So our invitation is extended to all those persons, collectives, groups, and 
organizations, real or virtual, that work from autonomous zones online, who use 
cooperative platforms, open source, free software, alternative licenses for 
intellectual property, and the cybernetic etceteras.

 We welcome the participation of all [todoas, todas and todos] culture-makers, 
independently of the material conditions in which they work.

 We invite you also so that different spaces and collectives around the world 
might show the works in their localities, according to their own customs, ways, 
interests, and possibilities.

 Do you already have something somewhere in cyberspace to tell us, show us, 
share with us, invite us to build collectively? Send us your link to add to the 
online exhibition hall of this digital CompArte.

 You don’t yet have a place to upload your material? We can offer it to you, 
and to the degree we’re able we can archive your material so that it is 
recorded for the future. In that case we would need you to give us a link to 
the cloud, cybernetic host, or similar thing of your preference. Or send it to 
us by email, or upload it to one of our clouds or to FTP.

 While we are offering to host all the material, because we would like it to be 
part of the archive of art on the solidaritous net, we are also going to link 
to other pages or servers or geo-locations because we understand that in the 
age of global capital, it’s strategic to decentralize.

 So, as you prefer:

If you want to post the information on your websites, with your ways and 
customs, we can link to it.

And if you need space, we are also here to host you.

 You can write us an email with the information about your participation. For 
example, the name of the creator(s), title, and the category in which you’d 
like it to be included, as well as a short description and an image. Also tell 
us if you have space on the internet and you just need us to post a link, or if 
you prefer that we upload it to the server.

 The material that we receive from the moment that the convocation is open will 
be classified in the different categories according to its (in)discipline. The 
participations will be made public during the days of the festival so that any 
individual or collective can navigate, use (or abuse) and share it in their 
meeting spaces, streets, schools, or wherever they prefer.

 The participations will be published as posts and links.

 We will also publish a schedule for direct streaming. The activities will be 
archived for anyone who doesn’t get a chance to see them live.

 The email to which you should write to send us your links and to communicate 
with us is:

 The page on which the links to the participations will be uploaded, and which 
will be fully functioning starting August 1 of this year, 2017, is:

 On that page, from August 1 until August 12, we will also broadcast streamings 
and showings of different artistic participations from local cyberspace in 
different parts of the world.

Welcome, then, to the virtual edition of CompArte for Humanity:

“Against Capital and its Walls, All the Arts… Including the Cybernetic Ones”

Ok, cheers, and no likes but rather middle fingers up and fuck the walls, 
delete Capital.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Sixth Commission, Newbie but On-Line, of the EZLN.

(With lots of bandwidth, my friend, at least as far as the waist is concerned 
-oh yeah, nerd and fat is hot-)

July 2017.
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