Dear all, we are happy to announce that New Emergences no.11 will take place 
upcoming Thursday at Studio Loos in Den Haag:
|          (  (  (       (    )     (  (   (  (    (             (    
|   (     ))\ )\))(     ))\  (     ))\ )(  )\))(  ))\ (     (   ))\(  
|   )\ ) /((_|(_)()\   /((_) )\  '/((_|()\((_))\ /((_))\ )  )\ /((_)\ 
|  _(_/((_)) _(()((_) (_)) _((_))(_))  ((_)(()(_|_)) _(_/( ((_|_))((_)
| | ' \)) -_)\ V  V / / -_) '  \() -_)| '_/ _` |/ -_) ' \)) _|/ -_|_-<
| |_||_|\___| \_/\_/  \___|_|_|_|\___||_| \__, |\___|_||_|\__|\___/__/
|                                         |___/
| event no.11 – glow in the dark
• performances by Strict Nurse, G.T.Thomas and SoundEscape
• 8 feb 2018, 20:30
• Studio Loos 
| De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, 2518 RA The Hague, Netherlands
• hosts: Fani Konstantinidou and Mariette Groot
• admission € 4
• The 11th edition of New Emergences focuses on listening rather than 
discussion.  However, in-between the sets we will use the opportunity to have 
short conversations with the artists. We are pleased to announce that on 
Thursday 8 February, we present performances by Strict Nurse, G.T.Thomas, and 
SoundEscape. The artists invite us to dive into three very different sonic (and 
visual) worlds, reaching from playfully looping gardens via immersive walls of 
noise to whispering electronic environments. A small step into unknown 
territory lets us sink into a sea of delicious underwater worlds that are 
glowing in the dark. Come with us... take the plunge!
• G.T.Thomas [Gwendolyn Tessa Thomas]
| G.T. Thomas has a B.A. Music Theory and Composition (2004), held two 
“Composer in Residence” positions before the age of 22, and carried out an 
apprenticeship in composing, songwriting, orchestration, and producing under 
master film score composer Chris Dedrick (2007 – 2010).
Since 2009, from her 
studio in Amsterdam, Thomas writes and records original songs, most commonly 
performing them live using her voice and bass guitar. She also scores and fully 
produces music and soundscapes, combining orchestral/ symphonic influences from 
classic Hollywood, with thick choral harmonies, and electronic elements.
whether in her songs, commercial work, or her pieces that have been heard in 
modern art museums around the world, beneath the surface of this more-or-less 
mainstream palette, there’s a minimalist tendency in Thomas’ approach, fueled 
by her fascination with what could be called “meter preserving poly-phrases” or 
“phrase phasing.” She is currently developing work for her synthesizer system, 
where sequencers assist her in further exploring the phase-like impact of 
phrases of overlapping varying lengths as they go through modulations and tempo 
• Strict Nurse [Leilani Trowell]
| Strict Nurse is the alter ego of Leilani Trowell. Raised in a strict 
household in the USA with dreams of becoming a pop star, now residing wildly in 
the low-lying lands, Strict Nurse improvises with layered cassette loops, 
samples, synthesizers and a sweet, sinister voice to cast a spellbinding 
soundscape. Modalities of healing, perversion, power dynamics and personal 
intuition are the current themes in her work.
  “With her ethereal spells Strict Nurse forces you to join her into her 
estranged realms. Armed with synths, mics and samples, will the droning nurse 
heal you or put a spell on you?” – Vatican Analog
• SoundEscape [Gerda Geertens: composition, computer animation & Martine Von 
Gleich: violin improvisation]
| Since 2016, Gerda Geertens and violinist Martine von Gleich work together as 
musical collective soundEscape to perform electronic compositions and computer 
animations with live improvisation.
The intense, colorful instrumental violin sound of Martine von Gleich fits in 
seamlessly to the mixed media works of computer manipulated images and sounds 
by Gerda Geertens.
The music of Gerda Geertens originates from the repetition of small particles 
of sampled sounds. By means of frequency differences each sampled piece of 
sound gets its own character.  Layering repeated sounds with different 
frequencies and velocities relative to each other result in rhythmic structures 
and musical form.
  Geertens’ computer animation is mostly built on still images and video 
material zoomed in to different sizes. These differently sized images are 
copied and stacked in transparent layers that move relative to each other and 
result in perpetually changing structures.
In this way the mixed media works of Gerda Geertens are built on repetition of 
elements in a context of continuously changing relations. But this is not only 
a matter of technique made possible by the use of the computer.  This way of 
manipulating image and sound is as well an expression of a vision on life in 
general. The expression of reality as a continuous struggle with the paradox of 
life. Repetition and change. The perception of a (relatively) unchanging 
recognizable individuality in relation to an ever changing context of 
possibilities. And the struggle not to give in to a wish or even an attempt to 
overcome one at the cost of the other; not to get stuck in an illusion that 
hides this paradox of life from consciousness.
• New Emergences is an initiative that serves as a platform to openly discuss 
issues regarding gender equality in electronic music and sound art. Within 
these fields, it focuses on the presence and absence of women, alongside LGBTQ+ 
communities and diversity issues in the broader spectrum of under-represented 
• For this event we would like to thank Peter van Bergen, Marie Guilleray, 
Studio Loos and the Creative Industries Fund for their support.
• N E W  E M E R G E N C E S    

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