*Dronica Festival #7 [12 to 14 April 2018] + Disinformation on
Resonance FM*Three
day long visual and sound art festival, featuring performances and
installations by Coagulant, Gareth Davis, Diamat, Disinformation, Denis
D’Or, Charles Hayward, Luxul, Jose Macabra, Kieron Mahon, Minus Pilots,
Mothax, Needle Factory, Raxil4, Miguel Domingo Redondo, Blanca Regina &
Pierre Bouvier Patron, Rotten Bliss, Ruido, Pascal Savy, The Seer, Daniele
Sergio, Tasos Stamou, Mira Varg and V-Stok… plus home-made Sicilian street
food by Sicilia Bedda –

Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 April 2018…

Thursday 7pm to 10pm - £5
Friday 6pm to 11pm - £10
Saturday 3pm to 10:30pm - £10

The Old Church
Stoke Newington Church St.
London N16 9ES

Preview video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5skoigMpJDI

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