>> Calling all Virtual Reality creators and 360 filmmakers < <

Hi Spectres,

I'm the VR and Immersive Media curator at Raindance Film Festival in
London. We're the biggest indie film festival in the UK, and for the second
year we have opened submissions for Virtual Reality experiences. We'd like
to invite you to submit your latest work in VR.

Last year we shortlisted over 30 experiences in our VR selection:
http://calendar.raindancefestival.org/programmes/vr-arcade, and gave out 10
awards in the following categories:

   1. Best Interactive Narrative VR Experience
   2. Best Cinematic Narrative VR Experience
   3. Best Documentary VR Experience
   4. Best Music VR Experience
   5. Best Animation VR Experience
   6. Best Branded VR Experience
   7. Best Sensual VR Experience (erotica, not porn)
   8. Best Social Impact VR Experience
   9. Best Sound Design VR Experience
   10. Best Storytelling in Virtual Reality

https://filmfreeway.com/Raindance (select Virtual Reality as category)
The deadline in on June 1 but we can extend it for you if you have any new
projects in production. If you have any questions about the festival or
submissions, please let me know (ma...@raindance.org)

*Mária Rakušanová*
Director and Curator of VR & Immersive Experiences
mobile: +44 745 333 2010


10 Craven St, London WC2N 5PE
@Raindance #RDFF

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