We Easterners imagine, at least we like to believe, that in the western 
societies, lets stick to the formerly
mentioned ones: Germany and UK -  freedom of speech, (nearly) independent media 
(from right wing to left wing media
which can be purchased in the whole country), (nearly) independent 
jurisdiction, (nearly) independent educationally
system (including art academies), (nearly) independent science funding system 
(including the funding of art),
independent, does exist, is accepted, appreciated and lived by a majority of 

as an artist in the west [uk], i am denied free travel [banned from USA]; denied state benefits [unemployment money]; denied full access to the internet [my computers are regularly destroyed]; denied justice [i have been framed by uk security services as planting a fake bomb in an airport]; i have had multiple pieces of my artwork permanently destroyed by uk security services; i have been arrested dozens of times by the uk police for my artwork; and told by uk security services that they now consider artists their global primary adversary.

why do you think uk artists enjoy visiting central and eastern european countries ? i was in Croatia the other week - it was like a paradise for me - the uk is the most survielled country in the world.

hope all is well

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