here is a question

what would the policies of a non-racist, non-corrupt, but non-imperial
nation state government in central europe look like: especially concerning
the syrian refugee crisis ?

bearing in mind that such a government has to be popular with its citizens
and be working for the citizens best interests

heath, i take it that in your scenario any moral (or ethical) concerns that are not "popular" with "citizens" would rank low?

it is my understanding that the government serves its citizens first

how would you define "the citizens best interests"?

all countries and cultures are different, but i would imagine the citizens of Hungary would value social housing, jobs, health care, security and justice, retirement benefits and so on

welcoming a small number of refugees could also be valued by Hungarian people

and in that scenario, how would you evaluate those phonecalls dictating to journalists which scare-messages to put in the newspaper (see janos' msg which started this thread)?

my point is not to become distracted by perceived individual opposition leaders failings

look at what the system [the government] is actually doing and if we have a better way of doing it, then lets do it

my suspicion though, is that the Hungarian left can not better the Hungarian government policy of confronting western imperialism [embodied by EU or USA]

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