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Please find below info about the new Master Study program on new media art and audiovisual media, which RIXC is now developing in collaboration with two universities in Latvia.

The new program is based on the previous New Media Art studies at Liepaja university, but in collaboration with RISEBA University for Business, Arts, and Technologies, we are opening it up for international students, as the studies starting from September 1st, 2018, will be in English.

The program is practice-led, artistic research based, module teaching system, mainly addressed for artists, designers and creative practitioneers. Our new joint program particularly are focusing on 360-video, AR/VR, immersive sound, MR and multimedia performances, and data visualization. Liepaja has great technical base – Art Research Lab (MPLab.lv), and RISEBA has really amazing facilities for audiovisual production too. In addition, RIXC is offering our laboratory and gallery for the students to produce and show their work.

The admission process has started already – the first exam (Skype interview) will take place in July 16, and on the next admission date will be announce on the end of August, please contact me for more information.

Liepaja has five state funded (FREE OF CHARGE) places (for students from EU countries, with best grades), and five more place with the study fee (3000 EUR), and there is a possibility to apply for scholarship (500 EUR / month).

Please share with anyone who might be interested!

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NEW MEDIA AND AUDIOVISUAL ART Master Program, new joint program by Liepaja and RISEBA universities and in collaboration with RIXC
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This year we are opening new collaboration with RISEBA University and RIXC Laboratory – MA programme NEW MEDIA AND AUDIOVISUAL ART, offering even broader spectrum of knowledges and skills in digital audiovisual arts, particularly focusing on AR/VR, 360-video, immersive sound, game environments, mixed reality performances, data visualization.

Ten years ago RIXC co-founded the NEW MEDIA ART education program and MPLab (Art Research Lab) in the University of Liepaja, a beautiful city on the Baltic Sea cost (200 km from Riga), and since then it has been grown amazingly. We are proud about our student local and international achievements – they have continued their studies in Art Academy of Latvia, KHM in Cologne, and other universities in EU and US, they create audiovisual performances and public art in urban space, exhibit their work internationally, and establish their own enterprises in cutting-edge new media fields. Currently, you can see our graduates work in Digital Compost exhibition, in RIXC gallery, Lencu street 2, Riga (http://rixc.org/en/home___/0/622/).

The 2-year studies are taking place in Liepaja, and in Riga, on Thursday and Friday evenings (18.00-21.00), and whole Saturday (09.00-16.00). The 1st semester takes place mainly in Riga, the 2nd – partly in Riga and Liepaja, and the 3rd – in Liepaja, while the 4th – is individual work on MA thesis, with monthly meetings in Liepaja. In both cities the students have access to the really great digital production facilities in the media laboratories of Liepaja, RISEBA and RIXC. Liepaja has built also great international network: as a part of their studies, Liepaja students also organise amazing international digital art festivals twice a year – iWeek (in November), and Sound Days (in May), and assist in organizing annual RIXC Art Science Festival and Open Fields conference in Riga (rixc.org). Our teaching staff includes well known digital artists, film directors, electronic music composers, sound artists, media theorists, from Latvia, North-Europe, UK and US.

We have limited number of the state funded, FREE-OF-CHARGE, places for the students from the EU countries (up to five, with the best grades), and in addition we also accept (up to five more) students with the study fee 3000 EUR per year. There is also an opportunity to apply for the Latvian state scholarship (check here, if you are from the country, which is eligible to receive it – http://www.viaa.gov.lv/eng/scholarships_gov/latvian_scholarships/scholarships_for_studies/?tl_id=22800&tls_id=54780)

Admission exams: July 16, 2018 (presentation of portfolio, and master thesis theme, can be via Skype), and additional admission (for this study year 2018/2019) will be announced on the end of August. The semester begins on the September 1st, 2018. For the next study year (2019/2020) international students may apply all year long.

If you have any questions about the submission – please contact Liepaja international coordinator: Erika Lauberga <erika.laube...@liepu.lv>.

More info: http://mplab.lv/en/ (we are currently building new website), so if you don’t find the information you are searching for, don’t hesitate to contact Rasa Smite, MA program director <r...@rixc.org>, or Anna Priedola, Head of Art Research Lab <pried...@gmail.com>

Welcome to Liepaja – join our growing digital artist community!


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