Open call for collaboration: exhibiting the Untitled (Praxis) by Igor Grubić

Open call for the collaboration to share and distribute the art poster Untitled 
(Praxis)by Igor Grubić. The idea is that you display this art poster any time 
during 2022 at your gallery/office/street. Exhibiting the work is free of 
charge, lasting at least ten days, and after that, you can freely keep the 
work. We expect a photo of the setup.

Artwork is a typographic image that reads the text: "The criticism of all that 
exists starts with self-criticism". The artwork corresponds with rather general 
and global subjects trigged by Praxis philosophy. Praxis's slogan was "ruthless 
critique of all that exists" where the phrase is related to Marx directly.

The size of the posters is variable and the edition is unlimited. The minimum 
size is 70 x 50 cm, going up to the size of the big-size advertising billboard 
(both horizontal and vertical orientation). Grey Area will sent you a print (EU 
countries) or redesign the artwork up to the preferred size and sent you a 
digital file that you may print yourself. Please inform us about your venue and 
dates of the display / exhibition, and sent us the photo.

Igor Grubić, Untitled (Praxis), 2020 - 2022, links for download:
50 x 70 cm:
70 x 50 cm:

This artwork corresponding with the workshop Caring for 20th-century heritage 
Grey Area will host in Croatia in 2022 as part of the Who Cares? project. The 
idea is to include the "best practices" of the 20th Century within a particular 
idea of care. It also speaks of the notion of local (Korčula island,  where 
both Korčula Summer Schooland International Artists Meetings took place at the 
1960s and 1970s) and the global/international movement and circulations of 
ideas. The artwork will be displayed on a big-size billboard in Croatia and 
distributed globally in different sizes.

Grubić reflected on his work in general: "I realized that if I wanted to 
criticize others I should start from myself; it is exactly here that personal 
demons and self-deception lurk and there is a need for continuous work on one's 
vigilance and self-questioning."

About the Praxis / the Korčula Summer School

In the 1964 introductory text Why Praxis? editors stated how they want a 
journal: "that would not be philosophical in the sense according to which 
philosophy is just one of the special areas, one scientific discipline, 
strictly separated by the rest of them and from the problems of everyday human 
life. We want a philosophical journal in the sense that philosophy is the 
thought of the revolution, ruthless criticism of all that exists, a humanist 
vision of the human world and as an inspirational force for revolutionary 

The Praxis was a Marxist humanist philosophical movement, that originated in 
Zagreb and
Belgrade in the SFR Yugoslavia. From 1963 to 1974 they published the journal 
Praxis and organised the Korčula Summer School in the town of Korčula. The 
collective of critical thinkers around the journal developed a singular 
trajectory of humanist Marxist and socialist analysis in the context of 
non-aligned Yugoslavia, and they functioned as a hub for the exchange of 
critical perspectives between the East and the West. In the proceedings of the 
summer school and the journal, many prominent figures of the period 
participated, among others Ernst Bloch, Eugen Fink, Erich Fromm, Lucien 
Goldmann, Herbert Marcuse, Jürgen Habermas, Henri Lefebvre, Karel Kosík, 
Richard J. Bernstein and Shlomo Avineri.

Each summer, the gathering focused on a particular topic: Progress and Culture; 
Meaning and Perspectives of Socialism; What is History?; Creativity and 
Creation; Marx and Revolution; Power and Humanity; Hegel and Our Time; Utopia 
and Reality; Freedom and Equality; The Essence and Limits of Civil Society and 
Art in a Technologized World.

About grey) (area . space for contemporary and media art, Korčula

grey) (area program is being developed across four program lines which relate 
to the aspects of human activities observed through the prism of contemporary 
art and culture: sustainability, economy and context. These program lines are 
Politics of Green Spaces, New Materialisms, Critical Tourism and History of 
Contemporaneity. We conduct interdisciplinary research of our own and present 
national, regional and international programs anchored in visual and media 
arts. Activities include support and promotion of contemporary audio and visual 
languages of urban culture as well those from peripheral cultural positions, 
especially in the Mediterranean region, supporting and assisting the art that 
confirms the forms of expressions that use the languages of contemporary art, 
media culture and new technologies.

The book grey) (area … Discourses from the Periphery, 2021. Artwork Untitled 
(Praxis) by Igor Grubić is on page 211.
Free book downloads (8 Mb each):
English edition:
Croatian edition:

The project Untitled (Praxis) curated by Darko Fritz is part of the 
workshop/symposium Caring for 20th-century heritage which will be held in 2022 
as part of the European project Who Cares? and the exhibition International 
Meetings of Artists in Vela Luka 1968-1972, which is performed in collaboration 
with the MUO - Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zageb.

Artwork Untitled (Praxis) by Igor Grubić is under licence Creative Commons: 
Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0), Approved for Free 
Cultural Works

Igor Grubić (b. 1969, Zagreb) is one of Croatia's most accomplished and 
internationally acclaimed artists. His work includes site-specific 
interventions in public spaces, photography, and film. Since 2000 he is also 
working as a producer and author of documentaries, TV reportages and socially 
committed commercials. Grubić's project sits firmly in the humanist dimension, 
bridging together poetics, politics and social reality. He presented Croatia at 
the 58th Venice Biennial (2019). Exhibitions include, among others: Tirana 
Biennial 2 (2003); Manifesta 4 (Frankfurt, 2002); Manifesta 9 (Genk, 2012); 
50.October Salon (Belgrade, 2009); Gender Check, MuMOK (Vienna, 2009); 
11.Istanbul Biennial (2009); 4.Fotofestival Mannheim Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg 
(2011); East Side Stories, Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2012); Gwangju Biennale 
(2014); Zero Tolerance, MOMA PS1 (New York 2014); Degrees of Freedom, MAMbo 
(Bologna, 2015); 5th Thessaloniki Biennial (2015); Cut / Rez, MSU (Zagreb, 
2018); Heavenly creatures, MG+MSUM (Ljubljana, 2018); The Value of Freedom, 
Belvedere 21 (Vienna, 2018). Miško Šuvaković reflected on his work: "Grubić, by 
generation, belongs to those artistic tendencies, which, close to political 
theory (...), make a turn from the neutral aestheticism of postmodernism to 
political activism. (...) The critical potential of artistic presentations 
becomes important ranging from the treatment of the recent past (decline of 
self-governing socialism, emergence of transitional practices of capitalism, 
formation of nation-states) through problematization of gender and racial 
violence, intolerance and ideological blindness in contemporary times."

Who Cares? project
Who Cares? is a cooperation project focusing on care practices. It is made up 
of 5 organisations dedicated to artistic production from different latitudes in 
Europe: Idensitat (Barcelona, Spain), SPACE (London, United Kingdom), Rupert 
(Vilnius, Lithuania), Grey Area (Korčula, Croatia) and Centro Huarte (Navarra, 
Spain). They working on a common project to explore new ways in which to engage 
audiences, incorporating care practices in the infrastructure and programs of 
their respective organisations. Care is a major thread in the project that runs 
through the concerns and challenges that each of the entities currently faces. 
Who Cares? understands care as a joint responsibility towards the communities, 
both local and global, to which the activity is addressed as artistic 
production organisations.
Who Cares? is led by Centro Huarte as one of the selected projects within the 
European Cooperation Projects 2020 call of the Creative Europe program.
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