Dear friends,

I would like to share with you some of the highlights of Nicolas Maigret
and Maria Roszkowska's visit to Ljubljana last week:

New Extractivism 3/4: DISNOVATION.ORG

How can we meet the energy and material needs of our collective future
without triggering ecosystem collapse?

The third of the four activity strands of the Tactics & Practice #12: New
Extractivism <> programme presents
DISNOVATION.ORG research collective. Through a series of activities last
week, they presented their speculative research project Post Growth in an
invitation to test the limits of technology, politics and our imaginations.




Post Growth

The artist talk presents an ongoing project Post Growth that aims to
reimagine social metabolism, reconsider the critical dimension of living
and material activities of the biosphere, and offer perspectives for a
shift away from the over-exploitation of fossil fuels, on which the
reproduction of our societies mainly depends today.




Dušan Kažić interviewed by Clémence Seurat

No One Has Ever Produced Anything

PostScriptUM #42

The misconception that humanity cannot live without production is deeply
rooted in our societies and has the status of common sense. In the
interview, plant anthropologist Dušan Kažić invites us to imagine
agriculture and a world without production. We need a new type of
materialism, he says, that does not neglect other beings.




on show at Aksioma Project Space until 20 May

Life Support System is one of the Post Growth prototypes. This installation
consists of one square meter of barley, artificially grown in a closed
environment. All inputs such as water, light, heat and nutrients are
measured and publicly displayed. This experimental farm brings to light the
incalculable demands of conventional agriculture for ecosystem services
that we expect to be available for free.



*Production: *Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2022

*In collaboration with: * ALUO – The Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the
University of Ljubljana & MGML / Cukrarna Gallery

*Part of the series:* Tactics & Practice

*Supported by*: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia &
Municipality of Ljubljana

*The Life Support System project was produced by iMAL (BE) in co-production
with la Biennale Chroniques (FR).*


Marcela Okretič
Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana
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