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Offshore Tour Operators
Fri 29, 2pm/6pm
Sat 30, 11am/3pm
Sun 31, 11am/3pm

The Offshore Tour Operator is a psycho-geographic GPS prototype that guides you through the 800,000 addresses of the ICIJ's Offshore Leaks database. The walks bring the participants to search for the physical traces of offshore banking within the architecture of various neighborhoods of the city of Brussels. Thus, the walks transform into a real hunt for shell companies, trust firms, domiciliation agencies and shadow finance offices and agents. At the end of each walk, a collective discussion offers a platform to participants to share their experiences and documents, in order to shape collectively an up to date image of finance that challenges the very notion of 'offshore'.

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Offshore open Lab Brussels
Wed 27 & Thur 28 april, 10am/6pm

In this two-day open lab, RYBN will plot, trouble-shoot and discuss the walks of the coming days with local invitees. Public visits are welcome with appointment (by e-mailing to info @ ).


-- Oscillation festival

The fourth edition of the Oscillation festival is dedicated to the question what it means to address a public, and how, by changing the site of a performance, the relationship between audience and performer shifts. Inspired by the transitory nature of public space, many artists are drawn to formats which resist the demands of the traditional performer/audience dynamic. Experimental formats such as soundwalks, itinerant performances and virtual events, allow work to move into public spaces where it interacts with a changing and unstable environment. A public is not necessarily a crowd, and experiments with small scale and outside formats are proving resilient, and raising meaningful questions about notions such as public and private, environment and nature, aspects of introspection and connection.

Public Address System (PA), is an umbrella term for a set of technologies that allow a person to address multiple people simultaneously, typically via a system of microphones and speakers, such as in a venue, train station, or supermarket. In each case, the system’s design reflects and defines the mode of address. In the examples above, a single speaker addresses many listeners who cannot speak back, defining a power relationship. As systems of address are shifting online, the model of a single speaker with multiple receivers has increasingly fractured, producing new and often contradictory modes of publicness. By taking the term public address as a banner for this year’s Oscillation festival, we want to ask: what other systems of address are possible, and what kinds of public might they speak to? By experimenting with the system of address itself can we find other ways of being public?

The festival will explore a number of alternative formats for sound in public space, interpolated by concerts which try to unpick the question of public address from within a more traditional dynamic. These experiments are grounded in the research of historian Elena Biserna, with whom we are developing a publication due in Autumn 2022. The publication will serve as an epilogue to the festival’s four days of walks, performances, talks and workshops.
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