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Fancy a travel to Italy for next week end?

We are delighted to announce the residency of artist Margherita Pevere in the frame of our project Roots & Seeds XXI, and her involvement with our project's first Dissemination Events.

Annick Bureaud


*Resilienze Festival, Bologna, Italy*

*With Margherita Pevere*

*26^th of May, 2022*

*More information* <>**


In the Framework of *Festival Resilienze*, *Tatiana Kourouchkina (Director of Quo Artis)* and Roots & Seeds’ *artist in residency Marghertia Pevere*, in conversation with Nicoletta Tranquillo di Kilowatt, will introduce an immersive screening of the documentary /Taming the Garden /by Salomé Jashi, The event will include a discussion about Pevere’s research project and residency in Treviso and the Roots and Seeds XXI project at large, discussing biodiversity protection through the intersection of art and science and the creation of knowledge and empathy towards the botanical world.


*Residency with artist Margherita Pevere*

“In times of surging ecological crisis, how can we shift our perspective, embrace ethical complexity, and foster attunement to botanical entities that inhabit one’s biotope?”

During a *week-long residency in a garden in Treviso*, artist Margherita Pevere will collaborate with various *Roots & Seeds XXI partners* and guests working in the fields of art, botany and transdisciplinary research through walks, daily rituals, and conversations. Her research will focus on the *local flora* as a point of departure to reflect on biodiversity, environmental death and anthropogenic ecological changes.

The residency is part of the artist’s wider research project, */Unframing Death, /*an investigation into /death/ from *more-than-human* and *queer* perspectives and an invitation to *reflect on the process of dying as a creative one*, responding to the urgency of art in times of environmental disruption and the ecological effects of human action.

The residency will culminate in two Dissemination Events within *Roots & Seeds XXI*, taking place in Bologna in the framework of the Festival Resilienze and a Garden Cartography in Treviso (event already sold out).

*Margherita Pevere*is an internationally acknowledged artist and researcher whose practice glides across biological arts and performance with a distinctive visceral signature. Her transdisciplinary inquiry hybridizes biolab practice, biotechnology, ecology, environmental politics, gender and death studies, with a healthy dose of hacking attitude to create arresting installations and performances that hunt today’s surging ecological complexity.




*Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance*is an international project fostering behavioural commitment, care and action towards the *preservation of plant biodiversity *and promoting sustainable practices through Art & Science collaborations. The project’s *Dissemination Events* aim at generating passion and emotional connection, promoting habits that take care of our environment and its plants, while enriching our botanical literacy and giving attention to vegetal resilience.

Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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