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On June 17–19, the LGBTQI+ conference TRANSITIONING: Art, Politics &
Technologies of Gender Change will take place at Kunstquartier Bethanien

The 27th conference of the Berlin Disruption Network Lab is dedicated to
the dimensions of gender transitioning from the perspectives of
politics, medicine, technology, culture and art. Over three days,
experts, activists and artists from Europe, Asia and the USA will
network with the Berlin community in panels, keynotes, workshops, film
screenings and meetups.

The Disruption Network Lab's programme TRANSITIONING: Politics &
Technologies of Gender Change aims to address the complexities of gender
transition for both young people and those who have long fought for this
right, and to present the implications of this practice in the realms of
art, culture, society and human rights. The programme series includes a
conference, film screenings, a community meet-up and two community

The conference includes a performative talk on legacies of violence in
times of conflict by Drew Pham, a queer, transgender writer of
Vietnamese heritage and U.S. military veteran, who reckons with the
consequences of American wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam; Ukrainian
transgender activist Anastasiia Yeva Domani will discuss the current
worsening of medical care for trans people in Ukraine as well as the
human rights situation and especially the problem of trans women leaving
the country; gender, tech and (counter)power researcher Os Keyes, who
will speak about the politics of scientific research into trans
healthcare; Berlin performer Bridge Markland who will cross gender
boundaries exploring the artistic potential of transitioning through
role-play and transformation - and many others.

The programme will be opened and followed by film screenings of the work
of artist Diane Torr (1948-2017), a central force in the drag king scene
in the USA, Europe, Istanbul and New Delhi.


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I hope to see many of you there!

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Tatiana Bazzichelli // Artistic Director
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