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Datum:  Wed, 17 Aug 2022 13:23:12 +0200
Von:    Nelly Yaa Pinkrah <>


Hi everyone,

We are happy to launch the website for our multimodal research project, ‘Against Catastrophe’ <>, with the *Ukraine Dispatch*. Our project challenges the normalization of catastrophic thinking and necropolitical designs in the contemporary world. It does so through the histories of science and technology, infrastructure studies, environmental criticism, research-based art and speculative design. The project outputs <>will include an edited volume, offline and online art/design exhibitions, and a series of online publications.

As we were conceptualizing the project, Russia invaded Ukraine. Faced with the resulting humanitarian and geopolitical crisis, we felt a need to respond to the unfolding tragedy. With ‘Dispatches’ – a short-form, multimedia, online publishing format – we hope to move past the news cycle-based temporality of contemporary catastrophism, but faster than traditional academic publishing, to shed light on the longer-term structural causes and implications of catastrophes.

In the first dispatch, on Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, our intention is not to offer a single response to the immediate human tragedy, but to explore the war in and beyond the multiple catastrophes it has wrought. The six collected dispatches here – by Asia Bazdyrieva <>, Anna Engelhardt <>, Krolikowski Art <>, Katarzyna Nowak <>, Oleksiy Radynski <>, and Jonathon Turnbull et al. <>– are products of war, but focus on its causes and effects in infrastructure and non-human nature. You can read the full editorial statement here: <>

‘Against Catastrophe’ is led by Dr. Orit Halpern, Lighthouse Professor and Chair of Digital Cultures and Societal Change at Technische Universität Dresden. The core project team <>is based out of Concordia University (Montreal), MIT, and TU-Dresden.

‘Against Catastrophe’ is funded by Fonds de recherche du Québec and the Swiss National Science Foundation, and is part of the larger Governing Through Design research cluster.

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Nelly, on behalf of the 'Against Catastrophe‘ team

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