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Sometimes you have the opportunity to be able to experiment your ideas. Sometimes you have the opportunity to work with wonderful creative people you always dreamt to work with.

Today, I am truly and deeply happy to release the /"Theater of Vegetal Appreciation"/, at the intersection of online and on site, of digital and paper, and with pop ups!

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Annick Bureaud

*Theater of Vegetal Appreciation*


If you look closely, you will see the snail on the cut up page on the box and discover it again in one of the story, in pictures, writing and pop up. You can also discover it online together with all the stories that compose /Theater of Vegetal Appreciation./


/Theater of Vegetal Appreciation*/is a hybrid publication on paper and online that is part of the "Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance" project.

It is based on the contributions —notebooks sketches and writings—, podcasts, photographs and exchanges produced by the participants to the workshop "Cartography of a Garden" that took place in the near suburb of Paris on September 30th and October 1st 2021, cut, reassembled and woven together in stories.

*The online publication is available on the Leonardo/Olats website for all to browse and read in a free and hypertexted way: ***

*The printed publication *takes the form of a box containing 9 booklets that unfold to reveal the stories that can be read in a combinatory manner.

This publication, designed by Etienne Mineur, is shown during exhibitions and special events. Its debut is at*Ars Electronica Sept 7 -11 2022.*

Come and see us!

Credits & Captions

General concept and editor: Annick Bureaud

Paper publication concept and realisation: Etienne Mineur

Online publication: Jérôme Foubert

Professional photographer to the workshop: Quentin Chevrier

Card deck graphic designer: Perrine Serre

Podcasts sound designer: Jean-Yves Leloup

*Title borrowed from Laura Cinti's contribution

Contribution material from: Karine Bonneval (Bo), Annick Bureaud (Bu), Lucie Campagnolo (Ca), Quentin Chevrier (Ch), Laura Cinti (Ci), Kim Doan Quoc (Qu), Eva Figueras Ferrer (Fi), Teresa Garnatje Roca (Ga), Lauranne Germond (Ge), Tatiana Kourochkina (Ko), Loïc Le Noan (Len), Kristina Maurer (Ma), Marit Mihklepp (Mi), Sophie Nadot (Na), Cyrille Prestianni (Pr), Mar Redondo Arolas (Re), Meredith Root-Bernstein (Ro), Marc-André Selosse (Se), Perrine Serre (Se), Jean-Luc Soret (So), Anaïs Tondeur (To), Joan Vallès Xirau (Va).

"Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance" is an international cooperation project between Quo Artis (ES) as lead partner, Ars Electronica (AT), Leonardo/Olats (FR), University of Barcelona (ES) and in collaboration with the Botanical Institute of Barcelona. It is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Leonardo/Olats received the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation. -
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