Conversation with artist and culture worker Andrea Francke on hospitality,
participatory projects and +

In this podcast, we talk to Andrea Francke about her interest in
participatory projects and infrastructures, in a conversation that touches
on inclusion, hospitality, and the repercussions of the colonial project.
Andrea unpacks the idea of failure as she reflects on the challenges
involved in designing institutional legal networks and frameworks. We also
talk about imported categories of art, about invisible labour, and about
the idea of charity as a slippery slope.


Andrea Francke’s life story was marked by many places, until she settled in
London. Born in Peru to a Mexican mother and raised in Brazil, by the time
she graduated in London she was already a mother herself. This situated
experience led her to team up with her colleague Kim Dhillon to launch
"Invisible Spaces of Parenthood": a research project and exhibition space,
which they temporarily converted into a functional nursery for fellow
university students and academics. The project looks to the sixties and
seventies to explore conversations, debates, and radical feminist practices
around parenting, in order to update and implement them today, when
child-rearing support and initiatives are being dismantled.

"Invisible Spaces of Parenthood" is like a microcosm of the interstitial
spaces in which Andrea Francke’s artistic practice unfolds. Her work
involves writing, teaching, and social practices, and she is interested in
generating opportunities for horizontal exchange and learning among
artists, activists, and other groups: almost-utopian horizons that redefine
the outmoded category of “art” in search of experimentation and a genuine
desire to transform reality.



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