Dear Spectrers,
[apologies for any x-post]

On behalf of our artist group Fronte Vacuo (with Margherita Pevere and
Andrea Familari) I'd like to extend an invitation to a live performance of
our piece ℧R in London. ℧R is one rhizome of our ongoing saga Humane Methods

Event details:

"℧R reflects on violence as a foundation of current algorithmic societies:
a violence of instructions, of systems, of infrastructures created with the
specific purpose of abusing all living beings. Such systems work through
loops, organised repetitions. Humans make instructions, machines repeat
instructions, living things suffer instructions, on and on and on. The
piece takes the loop as a starting point to combine multi-sensorial
stimulation with human-AI interaction and somatic practices to test the
seeming impossibilities of bodily articulation and repetition."

The performance is presented in the context of arebyte's 2022/23 programme
Sci-Fi which looks at fictioning and alternative futures. This includes a
one-day symposium entitled  Science Fiction Squared.

Performance is at arebyte, Java House, 7 Botanic Square, London City Island
E14 0LG.

29th September.
Starts at 19:30 and is followed by a talk + Show & Tell moderated by Nimrod

If you are in town and wish to attend, let me know and we will add you to
our guest list.
Tickets are £10.

best wishes,
Marco Donnarumma, Ph.D.

*On Tour*
01 Jul - 12 Sep | Amygdala @ Magic Machines, Technischen Sammlungen Dresden
06 Aug - 06 Sep | New project residency @ Intelligent Instruments Lab,
29 Sep | ℧R by Fronte Vacuo live @ Arebyte Gallery, London

m: +4915221080444
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