Dear Spectral friends and post-Syndicalists,

the programme for the Deep Europe symposium at RIXC, Riga, on 6 October, is taking shape; please, find the current draft below.

Feel free to join us on site at RIXC, or online (Zoom info forthcoming on ; there you'll soon also find the rest of the conference programme).

As you can see below, around ten of us are going to be in Riga from at least 6-8 Oct. If you want to join the Syndicate breakfast - again, on site or online -, please, write to Rasa or Andreas for directions.

Best regards,

Andreas and Rasa

RIXC conference, day 1 / DEEP EUROPE (in a rear-view mirror)

                                        (programme version 25.9.22)
6 October 2022

09:00–11:00     Syndicate breakfast
Location tbc.   

Deep Europe symposium

13:00–14:00     Registration, coffee, welcome

(each 15 min presentation + 10 min conversation; times are approximate and depend on the flow of the conversation; presentations via Zoom, projected in the RIXC gallery and symposium space; to connect online, see [forthcoming] info on )

14:00   Rasa Smite, Introduction "Deep Europe"
14:15   Luchezar Boyadjiev: "Overlapping Identities Revisited or 'The
                Greatest Love of My Life was a non-human'"
14:40   Miklos Peternak: "omnipresence or omnivoyance? the dialectics of
                vision(s) in the real and rear world."
15:05   Sally Jane Norman: "Syndicate goals and contexts then and now:
                spatial and temporal links and gaps"
15:30   Nina Czegledy: "Beyond the walled borders"
(online, w/o presentation: Olia Lialina, Janos Sugar, Iliyana Nedkova)

16:00–16:30 break with sweet snacks     

(each 15 min presentation + 10 min conversation; times are approximate and depend on the flow of the conversation; session will be broadcast via Zoom, possibility for online contributions)

16:30   Kathy Rae Huffman: "About networking in, before and after the
16:55   Ryszard W. Kluszczynski: "Syndicate and the so called 'East
                European art' concept"
17:20   Violeta Vojvodic Balaz: "The Seminar 'Moral and Mythology in
                Contemporary Art' (Novi Sad, 1995) in the conjuncture of
                New Europe (1989-2022)"
17:45   Raivo Kelomees: "Collisions on the Eastern-Western Art Axis: The
                Domestication of Eastern Europe as „Close Other“ in the

18:10 break with sandwiches     

18:30   Diana Kněžínková: "In-between peripheral: Latvian artists of the
                Millennial generation versus the phenomenon of Post-
                Soviet nostalgia"
18:55   Geert Lovink: "From SCCA to Ukraine Support Campaigns:
                Unfinished Histories"
19:20   Stephen Kovats: "Deeper than Fake"
19:45   Andreas Broeckmann: "Three revisits to Deep Europe"
(present, w/o presentation: Inke Arns, Katarina Zivanovic)

20:00 – Dinner
Restaurant to be confirmed      
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