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** transmediale 2023
a model, a map, a fiction

** 1–5 February 2023
Akademie der Künste, Berlin
and across the city

** It’s time to come together – Join us for the 36th edition of transmediale festival, a four-day programme at Akademie der Künste and an expanded exhibition programme across the city

** Four-Day Festival Programme
The four-day festival programme will transform the Akademie into a space of conversation, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and film, scaling itself across the venue. Merging theoretical discourse and artistic interventions with craic (https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Craic) , the festival will explore how technological scale creates relations and fractures in the world by transferring images through history and across socio-political contexts.

** a model, a map, a fiction
We are drowning in images and the multiplying realities they create. Models, maps, and fictions about the world are rendered to handheld screens as meaning is scaled and distributed across data servers, network cables, render farms, 3D assets, and automated algorithms. Calculation and its many biases make the world computable, yet it pushes and pulls our affections and politics through infrastructures and logistics, flattening us into tokenized transactions along the way.
Climate collapse, looping.
Grainy, blurred images make truths.
Facts, indistinguishable from fictions.
Molecular geopolitics,
an image the size of the world.
Asking what role can scale play in altering what is mapped and measured, the 2023 edition of transmediale festival explores the impact of living in the aftermath of the post-digital and how technological scale sets conditions for relations, feelings, democratic processes, and infrastructures.
Read more on transmediale 2023 (https://2023.transmediale.de/)

** Expanded Festival Programme
Along with the four-day festival at Akademie der Künste, an expanded programme will take place throughout the city. Generating critical conversations around how technology and its precise systems of measurement can be reassembled, Out of Scale is a free citywide exhibition taking place within the city’s networks and infrastructures.

Vorspiel (https://vorspiel.berlin/collection) , the joint project space programme of transmediale and CTM and traditionally the prelude of both festivals, will take place across multiple project spaces in the city from 20 January. Our long-term partner CTM (https://www.ctm-festival.de/) kicks off their festival on 27 January, and continuing our partnership we are excited to have a collaboration for the 2023 edition again.

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Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation)

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