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LiveJam - 25 November 18:00-21:00 CET
This live experiential discussion will be streamed on:
http://reboot.fm /\

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Red Forest Radiograms - Nomadic Cosmologies & Fugitive Power
The German Pavilion
23rd International Triennale Milan 2022
15 July- 1 December 2022
convened by Red Forest

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Weaving the topics of “Weaponized Infrastructures or Extractivism and
the Lilypad” with “We will not be the wall, we will not be the ship!
Cultures of deportation, border regimes and forced displacements”
together, this is a call for reflection on how these issues
interrelate and collide with how people can live.

Extractivism can be understood as the result of a one-directional
attention to environments. Capitalist conceptions of economic growth
encoded in technologies of engagement, i.e. financialization and
datafication impose a brutal rhythm on the organic composition of
energy by turning it into a speculative value measured in its
propensity to extraction. Energy Infrastructures become engines for a
contemporary system of colonialism imposed by the theatricality of
war. These dynamics are further linked to anthropocentric and western
philosophical conceptions of how life should be lived, which is at
heart of contemporary alienation. To contest the ongoing climate
catastrophe, the recontextualization and recovery of the social
specificity of energy production is crucial. Not all lilypads are

Freedom of movement and dignified dwelling, as the rights of nature
and humans are to be defended for the necessary sustainability and
health of an ecosystem. Movement as care for life is life’s heartbeat
in flux. In the contemporary world the border has been turned into an
epistemic framework in the service of a global hegemony, and the
regulation of movement as a modern strategy of war. Contemporary
globalization, led by capitalist transformations thriving  market
instrumentalization of democracy, has pushed forward the crisis of
humanism and of ecology. One of its mechanisms has been the
proliferation of borders.

With: Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Bino Byansi, Filipa César,
Muhammed  Lamin Jadama, Aino Korvensyrjä & Moro Yapha
Sonic Interventions with: Ghazi Barakat and Paula Montecinos Oliva,
Hosted by David Muñoz Alcántara & Diana McCarty (Red Forest)
Technical Production: Noémie Cayron
Realized at Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio Studio

These experiential conversations will be transmitted over the duration
of the Triennale, on site with the Milan based Radio Raheem, in
Germany on the award winning artists’ radio, reboot.fm 88.4 Mhz Berlin
and 90.7 Mhz Potsdam and online via Goethe-Institut. The Red Forest
proposal is conceived as a response to the urgency of imagining a
different world, and the need of amplifying people’s organization
growing from below and against the clock. Nomadic Cosmologies and
Fugitive Power builds on Germany’s commitment to critical approaches
in art, discourse, science and the environment, both at home and
abroad, in the hopes of activating a more equitable and sustainable
future for us all.

Red Forest is an organic assemblage based on affinities and
overlapping practices that grounds together research, art, political
imagination, and social actions striving for transformative justice
and ecological reparations. Red Forest assembles and organizes their
work with infrastructures of collective reciprocity and
interdependency as actual potentiality. This program draws on their
research on Extractivism, Datafication, and Transformative Justice
that was supported by the Kone Foundation in Finland. Red Forest is
mobilized by David Muñoz Alcántara, Diana McCarty, Mijke van der Drift
and Oleksiy Radynski.

The German Pavilion at the 23rd International Triennale Milan 2022 is
convened by
Red Forest on a commission from the Goethe-Institut Milan and funded
by the German Federal Foreign Office.

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