dear spectre

as a resident and citizen of a core imperial nation, contaminated by consecutive generational narcissism, i have always found it liberating to engage with europe either remotely or by visiting

when in europe or communicating with europeans i felt safe and free from class violence, able to speak freely

europe had a refreshing honest integrity very lacking within the uk, drawing on its historical depth with courage and progressive values

here in the uk, censored and propagandised by the military, we are not free to learn, communicate or act

in the past, europe was my escape from this, but now this is no longer the case

i am no longer free to speak the truth in europe or to the majority of europeans now - the madness of ukraine has bewitched the people i was
once akin to

not being able to speak honestly with artists and artist processionals is a
total disaster - not by accident, but by design of corporate and military conspirators

for the first time in 25 years, i am not currently in an exhibition somewhere - this could include economic reasons, but mostly likely
the result directly or indirectly of military propaganda smearing

spectre mailing list is also in a deep depression, lacking courage and dominated by confused trolls or by embedded corp/ mil assets

there should have been a revolution of action from spectre opposing ukra-nazi killing of ethnic russian ukranian citizens and the support for this from the west, but instead we have silence or small country nationalists or comfortable liberals dominating and suppressing conversation

at least there should have been some action regarding the foundations of
media art - german electricity dis-integration - but instead we have suppression

this email is already too long - perhaps i should have just unsubscribed quietly - but that would have felt dis-loyal to the truth seekers and speakers left on the list - so out i go with a drama queen tantrum

good luck with the new year, but i must leave now for my own emotional and intellectual security

heath bunting - conspiracy theorist, angry mentally unstable man, terrorist, rightwing extremist, anti-vaxer, putin apologist and soon to be chinese spy


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