From: Katarzyna Cytlak
Date: Feb 24, 2023
Subject: CONF: 2nd East-Central European Art Forum: Equal and Poor (Poznań, 17-18 Mar 23)

ZAMEK, Cultural Center, Sala pod Zegarem Św. Marcin Street 80/82, Poznań, Mar 17–18, 2023

The Second East-Central European Art Forum: Equal and Poor. A comparative perspective on Art in Communist Europe and the Global South in the long 1970s.


March 17, Friday

Session 1
NETworking Equality and Poverty
9.00-9.30 - MAGDALENA RADOMSKA - Opening
9.30-10.15 - JAROSŁAW KOZŁOWSKI - NET & Work - Interviewed by Katarzyna Cytlak & Magdalena Radomska 10.15-11.00 - CATERINA PREDA - Equal, but Poor: (Dis)Connections and Parallel Forms of Aesthetic Resistance to the Political in Eastern Europe and South America in the 1970s-1980s

COFFEE BREAK: 11.00-11.15

Session 2
Resilient Art & Bureaucratization
Chair: Zsuzsa László
11.15-11.35 - ALINA ȘERBAN - A Man of Crowd Resilient Practices, Imaginary Turns and the Death of the Author 11.35-11.55 - KSENIJA ORELJ - The Paradox of Art as Work – Between the Artists' and Museum's Imagination of the Work Ethic in the Age of Bureaucratization 11.55-12.15 - KAROLINA WILCZYŃSKA - Documentality and the Aesthetic of Administration in East-Central European Art
Discussion: 12.15-12.45

Session 3
Equality of Peripheries? Art during dictatorship
Chair: Emese Kürti
14.00-14.20 - KATERINA VALDIVIA BRUCH - A Cultural Guerrilla Warfare? The Experimental Art Scene in Lima During Velasco Alvarado's Administration (1968-1975) 14.20-14.40 - NATALIA SŁABOŃ - Peripheral Collaborations. Contacts of Ryszard Stanisławski and the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź with South and Latin America during 1960s and 1970s 14.40-15.00 - DARINA ZAVADILOVÁ - Raúl Martínez and his "Cuban theatre". Cultural cooperation between Czechoslovakia and Cuba

COFFEE BREAK: 15.00-15.15

Session 4
Comparative Perspective & Solidarity
Chair: Magdalena Radomska
15.15-15.35 - DANIEL GRÚŇ - Ping-Pong Masks. Politics of Language Games by Lenora de Barros and Július Koller 15.35-15.55 - DOROTA JAGODA MICHALSKA - The Afterlives of Serfdom: Teresa Murak and New Genealogies of Land Art in Socialist Poland 15.55-16.40 - CRISTINA FREIRE - Reversed Net From South-East active solidarity in the 1970s to current dilemmas
Discussion: 16.40-17.10


March 18, Saturday

Session 5
Peripheries of the World - unite!
Chair: Katarzyna Cytlak
9.00-9.45 - KLARA KEMP-WELCH - Teaching and Learning Eastern European and Latin American Art Together 9.45-10.05 - IRINA GENOVA - Graphic Images and Practices - Exchange between Bulgaria and Latin America in the 1960s and Early 1970s. Politically Engaged / Autonomous Art 10.05-10.25 - MAGDALENA RADOMSKA - Poverty and Class Consciousness - Beyond Superstructural Analysis of Art in East-Central Europe and Global South

Session 6
Exhibiting South South East
Chair: Andrea Bátorová
10.40- 11.00 - GABRIELA ŚWITEK - The "Invisible" Global South: A Case Study of the 1970s East-Central European Exhibitions' Geography
11.00-11.20 - RASHMI VISWANATHAN - India's Triennale of 1968
11.20-11.40 - ALICE DAVID - Man in the Machine. Vilém Flusser and Xerographic Actions in São Paulo (1977-1982)
Discussion: 11.40-12.10

LUNCH BREAK: 12.10-13.25

Session 7
Correspondences & Peripheral Connections
Chair: Dávid Fehér
13.25-13.45 - KATARZYNA CYTLAK - Beyond Compare: Horazio Zabala vs Josef Jankovič or Could East European Art be Decolonial? 13.45-14.05 - PABLO SANTA OLALLA - Videopost (1977): a Transnational Video Art Project Organised Through the Solidarity of Mail-Art Networks
14.05-14.25 - JANA PÍSAŘÍKOVÁ - Gallery in a Post Box

COFFEE BREAK: 14.25-14.40

Session 8
Global South & Beyond
Chair: Pavlína Morganová
14.40-15.00 - INGA LACE - Long-distance Friendships: Unwritten Stories From The Baltics and Global South 15.00-15.20 - RADO IŠTOK - The Last Modern Art Exhibition in the 1970s Czechoslovakia?
Contemporary Egyptian Art (1971) at Prague City Gallery
15.20-15.40 - RADEK PRZEDPEŁSKI - Crystalist Conceptualism in Sudan and Polish Peoples' Republic of Poland

15.40-16.25 - WALTER MIGNOLO - Closing Lecture
Closing discussion: 16:25-16.55

Magdalena Radomska: Piotr Piotrowski Center for Research On East-Central European Art (Art Sciences Department, UAM) Faculty of Art Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University
Katarzyna Cytlak: UMK, Toruń

Museum of Fine Arts - KEMKI (Budapest), Galeria Miejska Arsenał (Poznań), Archiwum Idei (Poznań), VVP AVU (Prague), Department of Art History, Comenius University (Bratislava)
Financial Support:
International Visegrad Fund

The conference is the final chapter of a four-part conference series organised in the framework of the project Resonances: Regional and Transregional Cultural Transfer in the Art of the 1970s

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