Timelines: The Art of the Calendar
Selection begins March 21, 2023

The calendar is a popular form that unites art and functionality.  While 
calendars occupy many graphical genres today, from collages of family photos to 
promotional swag, this exhibition shines a light on the work of creatives who 
produce calendars as an extension of their studio practice, independent of 
institutional sponsors and large-run commercial distribution.

By gathering together the works of ‘calendar artists’ this show invites 
audiences to take a closer look at this ‘indy’ subculture. What do these 
ephemeral documents mean to users, and how do they differ from digital calendar 
apps that have begun to supplant the printed calendar?

This exhibition will take place from April 14 to May 15 at Riverbank Arts, a 
gallery in downtown Flint, Michigan.  Aspiring participants should submit 
digital photos or PDFs that represent the calendar(s) sufficiently for jurying. 
Selected work must arrive at the gallery by April 12, 2023. Contributors to the 
show will be given options concerning how their calendars are presented.  
Return postage will be paid by the gallery.

Submissions to: timelines.works<http://timelines.works>
Questions to: timelineex2...@yahoo.com

This project is the inaugural exhibition of a new Print Art and Design series 
at Flint’s Riverbank Arts gallery. The focus of the series is contemporary art 
and design that explores the medium of print, from a variety of perspectives. 
Riverbank Arts is an initiative of the Arts+Culture Research Cluster at The 
University of Michigan - Flint, and is supported by the Office of Research and 
Economic Development.

The exhibition will be juried by the Christian Gerstheimer, an artist and 
lecturer in Art History at the University of Michigan - Flint who worked 
previously as a curator at the El Paso Art Museum from 2003 - 2017.  Although 
not a calendar producer himself, Gerstheimer’s November Project, which he has 
sustained for decades, does in some key respects mirror the annual creative 
practices of many calendar artists.

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